60 Second Pillow Talk

60 Second Pillow Talk

What pillow should I get? This is a very common question in my office. While there is no one perfect pillow for everyone, there are some definite guidelines. Correct posture for your neck is the underlying guide for pillow selection. You are supposed to have a curve in your neck. From a side view your

60 Second Whiplash

Whiplash! Just saying the word brings scary visions of screeching tires, broken glass, crunching cars, and pain. Lots of pain. What is whiplash, and when does it occur? Whiplash is a sudden, forceful forward and backward bending of the neck, resulting in damage to the soft tissue of the neck and head – the muscles,

Pain Management and Chiropractic: A Drug-Free Alternative

In the face of the staggering U.S. opioid epidemic, I am joining with chiropractors around the country during the October celebration of National Chiropractic Health Month. Our goal is to raise the awareness of drug-free alternatives such as pain management and chiropractic. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that as