60 Second Gallbladder

60 Second Gallbladder

You probably know someone who has had a gallbladder problem. But what is it, and how do you take care of it?

Your gallbladder sits below your liver on the right side of your chest just under the lower ribs. It is a sac that receives bile from the liver and then squeezes that bile into the small intestine when fatty food passes by. Bile is a fluid that helps emulsify fats so that they digest properly.

If the gallbladder stops working correctly, you can have trouble digesting fatty foods. You may experience pain in the gut after a fatty meal, you could have floating oily bowel movements, and you could develop gallstones. If a stone is present and tries to leave the gallbladder, it can inflame or block the tube leading from the gallbladder to the bowel, resulting in a serious surgical situation.

Gallbladder health results from doing healthy things.

• Eat healthy fats like olive oil, never hydrogenated fats.
• Eat a good amount of natural fiber (fruits and vegetables).
• Reduce junk food.
• Do not drink liquids with your meals.

You can also take supplements that nourish the gallbladder and keep the bile from thickening, which makes it hard to pass through the tube and encourages stone formation. We recommend A-F Betafood, Betafood, and Livaplex, all from Standard Process. Ask me about them during your next appointment.

Dr. Thorburn is a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She also has advanced training in nutrition. Take advantage of her 46 years of experience!

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