60 Second Beds

60 Second Beds

How have you been sleeping lately?  Consider this: the quality of your sleep has a major impact on the quality of your life.

Sleep charges your battery and rejuvenates you so that you can enjoy the next day’s activities with enthusiasm and positive expectations. The most important metabolic processes your body needs to stay healthy occur while you are asleep. And when you awaken rested and refreshed, it is much easier to get going and move into your day.

Your bed should be large and firm enough for comfort. The type of sheets and blankets you use should be carefully considered to suit your needs in terms of warmth or coolness, thick or thin.

When shopping for a new bed, lie down, with your partner if you share the bed, for a full five minute or longer. If it’s not just right, it’s not just right. Your comfort is what matters.

There is no perfect mattress for everyone. Innerspring mattresses as well as foam mattresses can be wonderful. A natural fiber innerspring mattress that is of good quality can be very supportive and comfortable. The key to a good bed is the quality of the support, not its hardness or softness. You can always take a “hard” bed and add a soft topper to it to make it more comfortable. There is nothing you can do with a “too soft” mattress.

I recommend that you buy the most expensive mattress that you can afford that has a long warranty (20 years). If you are unsure about what type of bed would be best for you, ask me during your next appointment.

Dr. Thorburn is a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She also has advanced training in nutrition. Take advantage of her 46 years of experience!

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