60 Second All Plugged Up

What is more uncomfortable than feeling all plugged up? Constipation is often joked about, but for those who chronically suffer from it, constipation is no laughing matter. Many causes of constipation are easily remedied. A lack of grain, fiber, vegetable roughage, water, nerve damage, injuries, etc. can all be sources of sluggish bowels. Things that

60 Second Pillow Talk

60 Second Pillow Talk

What pillow should I get? This is a very common question in my office. While there is no one perfect pillow for everyone, there are some definite guidelines. Correct posture for your neck is the underlying guide for pillow selection. You are supposed to have a curve in your neck. From a side view your

60 Second Heart

Affairs of the heart, my aching heart, a heartthrob, heart of my heart – these phrases all refer to an organ composed of muscle tissue that sits in our chest. Isn’t it interesting that the heart has been deemed the source of our affections? While much has been romanticized about the heart, the truth is