60 Second Nutrition

Every day there seems to be conflicting news from the world of nutrition. One day, coffee is good for you, and the next day, coffee is bad. How can we make sense of all the data and come up with a plan that works for us?

By sticking with the basics. Here are seven small but mighty tips for staying healthy, especially now when maintaining a strong immune system is so very important.

1. A balanced meal should be the only kind of meal you eat – a healthy, lean protein and a fruit or vegetable. Anything else, such as potato, rice, or pasta, can be eaten in moderation but not without the two basic ingredients.
2. Make every bite count by being sure that everything you eat is as natural and as chemical-free as possible.
3. Fresh is always best.
4. Avoid eating “white” foods – white flour, white sugar, white rice. These foods are highly refined and have little nutritional value.
5. Avoid stimulants – coffee, tea, chocolate – anything containing caffeine.
6. Take a good multi-vitamin/mineral complex daily, preferably one that is whole-food based.
7. Drink plenty of fresh, filtered water daily.

These are good basic guidelines that unlike fads and trends, never change.

Dr. Thorburn is a Registered Nurse and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She also has advanced training in nutrition.

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