Is Chiropractic Best for Low Back Pain?

October is National Chiropractic Health Month, the annual salute to the benefits of chiropractic care and its natural, whole-person, patient-centered and drug-free approach to health and wellness. Let’s begin by discussing why chiropractic care is the best treatment for low back pain.

Low back pain is one of the most common problems plaguing adults today. Causes of low back pain include muscle strain, accidental twisting of the spine, improper lifting of a heavy object, or sitting too long in chairs with inadequate support. As a chiropractor treating patients here in the Burbank community for over 30 years, low back pain is one of the issues we hear the most about.

Just a couple of years ago, the American College of Physicians issued guidelines for noninvasively treating low back pain. Published on February 14, 2017, in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Noninvasive Treatments for Acute, Sub Acute, and Chronic Low Back Pain: A Clinical Practice Guideline from the American College of Physicians indicated that alternative therapies, including spinal manipulation, as a preferred method of treatment.

These guidelines recommended several types of treatment we have known to be effective for many years, including spinal manipulation, acupuncture, massage therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation. Utilizing these methods in unison can bring the swiftest pain relief possible and encourage the body to rapidly heal itself.

This is in direct response to the tremendous epidemic of pain medication abuse in this country, most often the extremely addictive opioid variety of painkillers. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is estimated that at least 2.1 million people in the United States are suffering from substance use disorders related to prescription pain relievers.

But more and more people are choosing chiropractic care first, before prescription drugs and surgery, as it is safe, natural, and works with your body to create optimum health.

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How is Dr. Charlene Thorburn different from other Chiropractors? In addition to her Chiropractic degree, she is a Registered Nurse (RN). Dr. Thorburn is also a nutritional professional with over 30 years of research and knowledge in the areas of nutrition and the healing quality of natural supplements. This gives her a well-rounded medical perspective and a unique ability to diagnose, treat, and get great results for her patients.

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