Oh My Burning Eyes and Runny Nose!

We are in the height of allergy season, so much so that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) has named the month of May National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

And this year, it seems that everywhere you turn, people are coughing and sneezing, suffering from one of the most intense allergy seasons we’ve seen in California in many years. Certainly, all the wonderful rain we had this past winter has contributed to the growth of wild greenery we haven’t seen so lush and pollen-filled in years!

I’m hearing from patients and friends who have never had a problem with seasonal allergies, asking me, “What can I do?” From a constant cough and post-nasal drip to sticky eyes and sneezing, these symptoms just don’t seem to let up.

So what can you do about your allergies?

I recommend a line of natural supplements, available only through doctors, called Standard Process that features a number of products which are extremely effective for the relief of allergies.

Throughout the month of May 2019, I’m offering the allergy relief and respiratory products below for 15% off!

Allerplex: Supports the body’s response to seasonal, environmental, and dietary stressors. Supports healthy liver function, manage mucus movement and healthy lung and respiratory function.

Antronex: Supports detoxification via the liver and allows the liver to produce more natural antihistamines.

Cal-Amo: Maintains proper ph balance.

Drenamin: Helps the body fight everyday stressors that can overload the immune system. Improves energy, mood, sleep, and well-being.

Emphaplex: Combines vitamins, minerals, and glandular nutrients to support respiratory system health.

Fen-Gre: Fenugreek is the main ingredient and it is used to maintain the body’s natural respiratory function. Maintains healthy mucus and phlegm in the lungs and bronchial tubes.

Pneumotrophin PMG: Supports healthy lung function.

Which of these is best for you? The next time you are in the office, tell me about your allergy issues and I’ll get you on the natural road to feeling better!

What makes Dr. Charlene Thorburn so different from other Chiropractors? In addition to her Chiropractic degree, she is a Registered Nurse (RN). Dr. Thorburn is also a nutritional professional with over 30 years of research and knowledge in the areas of nutrition and the healing quality of natural supplements. This gives her a well-rounded medical perspective and a unique ability to diagnose, treat, and get great results for her patients.

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