What Makes Me Different from Other Chiropractors

What Makes Me Different from Other Chiropractors

When I was little I wanted to be (a) an artist and (b) a nurse like my mom. I began the path towards both ideals. I want off to college and graduated with a degree in nursing. I began working in a major local hospital In critical care and emergency medicine.

I was privileged to work alongside many different physicians, especially in the emergency room, where I learned about diagnosing and treating the ill and injured from many different viewpoints.

It was frustrating, though, because sometimes it seemed like we were only “patching people up” and not really curing them. I became curious about why people were getting ill and requiring the medication and surgeries that we so often performed. Why couldn’t people continue to stay well? It seemed to me that the body should be able to heal itself when given the right environment and nutrition.

This led me to begin looking into preventative care, and eventually to studying Chiropractic. Here was something I could really sink my teeth into — a means to prevent illness and disability, not just patch someone up after they became ill.

I am a certified as a Chiropractic Orthopedist-I did postgraduate training in the field of orthopedics. I have also continued to study in many areas: carpal tunnel syndrome, nutrition, automobile accident injuries, x-ray, different treatment methods, deep muscle therapy and a variety of other subjects. It’s important to learn about a wide variety of things that help people get well. Combining education in traditional and alternative healing arts allows me to discover underlying reasons for a person’s health problem and choose a treatment plan based on both practices.

It is an honor to be able to really help people feel great and find better health without drugs or surgery. Every patient is important to me and I apply all my skills to help each person get well and stay healthy.

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