Do You Make These Mistakes?

Do You Make These Mistakes?

Are you one of those people who always tries the latest supplement or eating program that just came out? Do you suffer from pain and know in your heart that taking medication isn’t the best thing for you? Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning due to lack of energy? Do you feel unhealthy and have no idea what to do about it? Do you make these mistakes?

Many people do not feel well because they have been misinformed or misdiagnosed and are not doing the right things to get better. Here are the four most common health mistakes people make.

#1 Ignoring the Pain

Believe it or not, ignoring pain is common. People sometimes think it will go away. Unfortunately, it often does not and the problem becomes worse. Ignoring pain is like ignoring the red engine light on the dashboard of your car. Symptoms mean something is wrong.

#2 Covering Up the Symptoms

Taking a pain pill, muscle relaxant, or an anti-inflammatory only covers up the symptoms, making a person think they are OK when they are not.  This often prevents or postpones proper treatment or causes you to overdo and keeps you in a negative ‘pain then pill’ cycle.

#3 Trying the Latest Health Fad

Just because something is a new breakthrough does not make it good, safe, or effective.  We often find that a wonder remedy is actually harmful a few years after millions of people have used it.  Fads come and go, but the treatments that really work tend to endure

#4 Taking the Wrong Supplements

The latest and greatest vitamin may just turn out to be hazardous to your health.

It’s a vitamin jungle out there – a jungle where you could really use an experienced guide to help you identify supplements that can truly help your body heal and rebuild from the inside out.

Find Out How

You can feel good again. Over the years, many people have come to me confused and desperate about their health. By identifying the underlying reason for their health issues, a real long-term solution was found. At Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we provide a balanced approach to your health and wellness. Call us.

What makes Dr. Charlene Thorburn different from other Chiropractors? In addition to her DC degree, she is also a Registered Nurse (RN). This gives her a well-rounded medical perspective and a unique ability to diagnose, treat, and get great results for her patients.

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