The Buzz About Turmeric

The Buzz About Turmeric

If you’re an aficionado of Indian cuisine, you’ve been savoring turmeric every time you eat curry and many other flavorful Indian dishes. It gives the food a bright yellow color and a warm, peppery taste.

But that’s not all that turmeric does. Curcuminoids and curcumin, the main active ingredients in turmeric, contains its medicinal properties — which are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer. A pretty powerful triple-punch!

In addition, curcuminoids and curcumin have been clinically demonstrated to improve fatigue, concentration, and anxiety in people experiencing occupational stress.
Some traditional uses for turmeric (Curcuma longa) rhizome include treatment for rheumatism, traumatic swelling, masses in the stomach, irregular periods, as a blood purifier, for skin diseases, and as an aid to digestion.

Curcuminoids and curcumin have been shown to be beneficial for people diagnosed with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, depression, reflux and indigestion, premenstrual syndrome, liver ailments, and allergic rhinitis.

The purity of Turmeric is Essential

It’s important to note that turmeric is an herb that is sometimes tainted with colorants to create a brighter yellow hue. Often the colorant used is lead chromate, which presents a health risk. So it’s best to be certain of the purity of the turmeric you purchase for cooking or as a supplement.

In its basic herbal form, turmeric is poorly absorbed and utilized by the body. The bioavailability of the active health-promoting curcuminoids and curcumin is increased substantially by combining with fenugreek seeds.

At Thorburn Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we carry and recommend Standard Process, a whole food nutritional supplement line that is only available through doctors. Standard Process products stand up to high regulations and testing procedures and all of their products are guaranteed to be pure and free from any contaminants. They have partnered with MediHerb to produce a line of the finest bioavailable herbs.

MediHerb Turmeric Forte is a formulation of turmeric rhizome and fenugreek seed extracts to enhance absorption and improve the bioavailability of the active ingredients of turmeric. This product is standardized to ensure optimal strength and quality. Let’s talk about what Turmeric Forte can do for you the next time you are in the office.

How is Dr. Charlene Thorburn different from other Chiropractors? Before she became a Chiropractor (DC), she was a Registered Nurse (RN). This gives her a well-rounded medical outlook and a unique ability to diagnose, treat, and get great results for her patients

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