Is Dr. T Different?

There are a number of things that make Dr. T different from other Chiropractors. And it’s a good thing because these unique qualities directly benefit her patients.

Since childhood, Dr. T has been interested in health and healing. She decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and chose a career in nursing. At 17, she headed to college, got her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and started her career by working in the critical care unit and the emergency room of a major hospital. She worked alongside many physicians who learned to trust her ability to create a preliminary diagnosis, order the correct tests, and help the physician treat the patient.

During her nursing career, she started looking at the reasons why people were getting ill in the first place, requiring the medication and surgeries that were so often performed. She searched for other health fields that dealt with preventative care, which lead her to Chiropractic. Here was a health field that actually prevented illness and disability, not just patching someone up after they became ill.

Dr. T’s Combined Experience and Knowledge

Dr. T is able to combine all of her medical experience with her natural health knowledge, which makes her approach to treatment very broad and unique. She has added to her healing arts by studying Neuromuscular Re-Education (a deep muscle technique), treatment of arm and leg problems, treatment of carpal tunnel, x-ray analysis, bloodwork, non-surgical disc treatment, treatment of sciatica, auto injury treatment, and special training in nutritional assessment and treatment.

Dr. Thorburn is also certified as a Chiropractic Orthopedist, a three-year post-graduate program.

Her patients find that her unique experience and viewpoint provide a high level of care and concern and that they can count on her for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

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