Ancient Beauty Secret Now Available in Burbank!

Ancient Beauty Secret Now Available in Burbank!

A luxurious and painless ancient beauty secret known to stunningly beautiful Asian women for over a thousand years is now available in Burbank. Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center brings facial rejuvenation acupuncture, sometimes referred to as an acupuncture facelift, to you with Dr. Elaine Hensley’s acupuncture facial rejuvenation program.

Dr. Hensley’s facial rejuvenation protocol includes:

• a relaxing and muscle conditioning facial massage
• acupuncture treatment with facial needles
• electric stimulation pads
• natural skincare products

Relaxing Asian facial massage soothes and relieves stress while providing deep moisture and firmness, bringing your skin to a vibrant and hydrated state. This, in turn, nourishes, re-hydrates, tones and reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Next, acupuncture points are used on the face, arms, legs, and body to further strengthen the body’s energy, thereby enhancing beauty from the inside out.

Frequency-specific electrically stimulated needles improve skin elasticity as well as the tone of the facial muscles. Your skin will have a more youthful glow.

Finally, natural creams are applied. With this complete holistic treatment, we can achieve a balance between improving the exterior facial beauty and strengthening the internal energies which influence beauty. The products we use contain 100% natural ingredients that are not tested on animals, have no harmful additives, no artificial fragrances or dyes, and are paraben-free.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments improve muscle tone and dermal contraction, increase collagen production, tighten pores, and increase local circulation of blood and lymph around the face. It can be used to reduce a double-chin and sagging jowls, help to decrease inflammation, and lessen puffy or droopy eyelids.

Recent studies have shown marked improvement of 90% in the elasticity of the facial muscles, a lessening of wrinkles, better complexion, and an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

A complete course of treatment is 10 to 12 sessions, one or two sessions a week. The measure of improvement depends on the individual. Factors such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle also contribute to the effectiveness of the treatments. Noticeable results are usually achieved after six to eight sessions.

The first session will last about 90 minutes and includes a full exam and consultation. Follow-up sessions will last about 60 minutes.

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