Aging Healthfully

Aging Healthfully

Many people believe that moving into your senior years means illness and disability. Not so!  Especially today, aging healthfully can be accomplished by making positive lifestyle changes. Small and simple changes can often produce dramatic results.

As we age, our organs just don’t function as well as they once did. Muscles slowly shrink, and our joints lose some of their suppleness. Our ability to metabolize nutrients decreases as our digestive juices lose their potency.  But we all have an inborn life force that runs our bodies and allows our tissue to repair itself.  If we take care to reduce the physical stress on the body, healing will continue and the body will age better and with fewer problems.

How can you lower the physical stress on your body? Number one is by removing the subluxations or misalignments in the spine so that the spine moves freely and the nerves do not have abnormal pressure on them. This is accomplished via gentle Chiropractic care and is an easy, affordable form of healthcare.

Continuing to exercise and use our minds is also essential. Regular physical activity is in truth, a very important part of good health and gradual aging.  Exercising at least three times a week helps keep the bones strong, the muscles elongated, the joints supple, conditions the heart, and relieves stress.

Aging Healthfully With a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet that includes lean protein, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains is the key to continuing to have good energy into your senior years.  Many people neglect to drink enough clean, pure water each day.  Coffee, tea, or fruit juices are just not a good substitute.  Focus on limiting other beverages and hydrate your body with water.

Maintaining regular Chiropractic adjustments will contribute to keeping your nervous system healthy, which will slow down the effects of aging and help to prevent health problems.  Chiropractic patients are generally more graceful – they move quicker, feel less stiff, and enjoy life more.

Be free of misalignments to feel your best every day.  Call our office for an appointment.

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