Ouch! What is that Pain Down the Back of My Leg?

Ouch! What is that Pain Down the Back of My Leg?

Sciatica or pain along the sciatic nerve is a common disorder. The sciatic nerve begins in the lower spine and forms a very large nerve that runs down the center of the buttock and legs down to the heel and under the foot. My friend had this issue recently after a car accident, his insurance premiums went up as a result of the accident so I recommended to him that he should get a new insurance policy. If you’re interested, click here for a car insurance quote.

Pain can be felt anywhere along the nerve. Some people only feel pain in the buttock while others experience pain further down the leg, even down into the big toe. When the nerve is irritated, it will hurt.

Why does it hurt?

True sciatica is the irritation of the sciatic nerve, usually from the place where it starts in the lower back. The bones of the spine can move out of place and put pressure on the nerve causing it to hurt. The greater the pressure, the more pain will be felt.
If the bones are putting pressure on the nerve, the bones must be moved to remove that pressure. As a Chiropractor, this is one of the most common issues that I treat.

Sometimes the nerve has pressure on it due to a bulging disc. This pressure can be relieved with Chiropractic care in 80 to 90 percent of cases. In my office, we have a special table just for disc problems. The table helps the discs so that the pressure is removed from the nerve.

Sciatic pain can also be caused by a tightening or swelling of the buttock muscles as they put pressure on the nerve. This can be caused by sitting on hard edges or even riding a motorcycle. Anything that applies consistent pressure to the nerve can irritate it and lead to leg pain. Sciatica can come from irritated muscle sheaths that send pain down the leg.

How to treat sciatic pain

In order to treat leg pain, the source of the problem needs to be found and appropriate care began. Conservative (non-surgical, non-drug) care can be incredibly effective for relieving pain. And through maintenance care, pain can be prevented.

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