More Headaches?

More Headaches?

With our busy, high-energy lifestyles, many people tend to overextend themselves and find that stress, anxiety, and tension bring about frequent headaches.  What to do, what to do? Relax, there is a cure!

The glands in the body that handle stress are called the adrenal glands. When these glands get overworked, they fatigue and you can develop headaches that occur all over the head. Painkillers don’t often help these headaches, but sleep can. If the adrenals get fatigued, one can also be frequently tired, suffer from anxiety and even depression. People with adrenal fatigue often experience dizziness when they stand up too fast and they may also have low blood pressure.

Neck-related headaches, sometimes called tension headaches, originate in the neck. When the bones of the spine get out of alignment the muscles can spasm and pull on the ligaments at the base of the skull and even over the top of the head to the face. These headaches are usually dull and can be reduced with massage, lying down, and the application of heat.

To find out what type of a headache you have, we look at the symptoms, when the headaches occur, what happened 24 hours before a headache came on, etc. Keeping a Food Diary can really help us see if there are any triggers or common factors causing your headaches.

Once you have isolated the types of headaches you have and any triggers, you can start resolving them.

The next step is for you to have an evaluation. In our office, we do a history of your condition and a physical examination. We check the nerves in the skull and body, balance and coordination, spinal flexibility and joint motion, muscular quality, the jaws and then the health of the organs that often produce headaches: the adrenals, liver and digestive system.

Once we identify what your body needs, a program is designed to help you heal. This may include spinal alignments, detoxifying your body, getting your jaw or sinuses cleared up, medical massage, and identifying and avoiding food triggers and allergic foods.

Give us a call and make an appointment.  We’ll help you get back to being your calm, relaxed self again!

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