Will Your Brain Survive?

Will Your Brain Survive?

What if you could get a glimpse into the health status of your brain and other organs? What if you could do something to improve the health of your brain on a cellular level?

Your body is composed of billions of cells. Every cell has a cell wall which protects the insides of the cell. The cell wall is like the walls of your house — it protects and encloses the things inside. The cell wall also has doors that allow food and other substances in, and allows waste and other substances out.

If the cell wall and cell doors are perfect, the cell is healthy and it can make new cells that are also healthy. This is the ideal scenario for your body. Unfortunately, most people do not have great cell walls, and because of this, their cells are unhealthy and they are at risk for all kinds of health problems.

All disease is a disturbance at the cellular level. Our cells are stressed. John Hopkins University states that all major alterations that predispose us to disease are at the cellular level. The foundation of all health is cellular health.

Beginning in the 1950’s, our diet changed. Americans today commonly eat a diet that is way out of balance. This insufficient diet, much due to changes in how our foods are grown, processed, and marketed to us, has led to ill health and a poor future for coming generations.

We do not eat enough good fats. The right fats are essential to our cell walls. If we do not get the right fats the cell wall is deficient. This results in an unhealthy body. We then turn around and pass this poor cell quality on to the next generation.

A healthy baby cannot come from an unhealthy mother. Many women do not know that their cells are unhealthy and they unknowingly pass on a predisposition for illness. Notice how much more diabetes, learning disorders, and autoimmune problems exist in children today.

Our high intake of omega-6 fatty acids and carbohydrates, as well as a lack of fiber and essential nutrients, have created an “illness machine.” Our habits and lifestyle are causing an increase in autoimmune disease, brain changes, and earlier deaths.

We now have a simple blood test that can tell the status of your cell walls! This is quite amazing. The physician who developed this test studied the effect of fatty acids on the performance of soldiers in combat while he was in the Army in Iraq. The results were so impressive that he continued his research after leaving the Army and developed BrainSpan™. The name refers to the lifespan of the brain.

You place a drop of blood on a card which gets mailed to a lab. The lab test assesses the fatty acids that compose the walls of your blood cells. You then go online and do a short series of cognitive tests that measure your thinking skills.

This assessment tells us your risk for health problems and early signs of brain aging and poor brain health. It also tells us if you are producing too many pro-inflammatory chemicals which can lead to significant health problems including autoimmune disorders and heart disease.

Once we have the results we can develop a program to improve any poor scores. If you have some scores that are not in the optimal range, you should be retested in three months to measure your progress. Once you reach the “good” range you retest once a year.

Now it is possible to find out your health status on a cellular level! This is an amazing opportunity to really help you see, for real, how your body is doing and then be able to do something about it.

Do not wait until it is too late. Pregnant women should have this test as should everyone who cares about their health and the health of their family.

Through September 30, the cost for a BrainSpan test is only $149 (normally $199). Ask us about it the next time you are in the office.

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