An Avocado a Day May Help Keep Heart Disease Away

An Avocado a Day May Help Keep Heart Disease Away

Avocados. For years, this nutritious green fruit (yes, they are a fruit, not a vegetable) has been avoided by many due to its high-fat content. According to a study in the Journal of the American Heart Association, eating one avocado a day as part of a heart healthy, cholesterol-lowering moderate-fat diet can help improve bad cholesterol levels.

Researchers evaluated the effect avocados had on cardiovascular risk factors by replacing saturated fatty acids from an average American diet with unsaturated fatty acids from avocados. In other words, avocado fat is healthy fat, and the luscious green fruit is also one of the best natural sources of potassium.

Perhaps you are accustomed to eating avocados only in the form of guacamole, which pairs the fruit with chips that are usually fried and high in sodium.

A healthier way to enjoy an avocado is in a green salad, on a sandwich with low-fat protein and high fiber bread, with a vegetable dish, with lean protein foods like chicken or fish, or just sliced in half and scooped out with a spoon.

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For the thyroid, there is Cataplex E (healthy thyroid function), Nutrimere (healthy cell function and anti-aging), Organically Bound Minerals (encourages healthy enzyme and thyroid function), Thytrophin PMG (unique profile of minerals, nucleotides, and peptides to help thyroid function, and Prolamine Iodine (thyroid function).

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