Are Chiropractors Really Back Doctors?

Good question! Here it is National Chiropractic Health Month and you should know the truth about chiropractic.

People come to us for pain relief and that is very wise because we are expert at relieving pain without drugs and surgery. But are you really using chiropractic to its fullest?

Chiropractic is the art and science of moving the bones of the spine to normalize the nervous system. Yes, I said nervous system. How does this happen?

The nervous system is the controlling part of your body and it MUST work well in order for you to function and be healthy. You have probably seen someone who had an injury to their nervous system and what it did to their body. One can see easily see muscle weakness, but what about the weakness that occurs internally?

Your nervous system controls your organs, blood flow, hormones, digestion, immunity and every other bodily function. If a nerve fails to an organ, that organ cannot work perfectly and it will develop a problem.

Your spine and nervous system are intimately related. The nervous system consists of your brain and the spinal cord and nerves. The spine surrounds the spine cord and nerves. If the spine gets “out of shape” or misaligned, there is stress on the spinal cord and nerves causing the nerve to not work correctly. The organ attached to that nerve weakens and ill heath results.

It is vital to keep your nervous system working at its best as long as you have a nervous system-yes, for life! Preventative chiropractic care should be a part of your heath routine once your spine has been rehabilitated and is working well. Your family deserves to have a healthy nervous system too…do not leave your children or grandchildren at home. Let them live a great life too!

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Until next time…

Yours in health,

Dr. T

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