Gut on Fire!

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

The sensation of having your gut on fire is no laughing matter. The pain, discomfort, fatigue and stress that stomach burning may cause can make daily life miserable. Unfortunately, gut on fire is an all too common problem due to indigestible, inorganic foods, over use of antibiotics, chlorinated water and the like.

You may not experience a lot of the symptoms in the early stages, yet the inflammation can lead to disorders including autoimmune conditions.

What is gut on fire?

Your small bowel is full of live organisms. There is a constant balancing act at work in your gut. If it becomes extremely unbalanced, your gut can become inflamed and/or you can develop what is called leaky gut as a result of eating foods that are hard for you to digest.

For example, if you have sensitivity to gluten and eat a meal containing bread or pasta, these foods can be your trigger. Painful gas and inflammation develop and your stomach churns, taking the nutrients in your food and sending them out of your body before they are properly digested.

After a time, tiny tears can occur in your intestines that cause proteins to leak into your bloodstream, potentially leading to colitis, diverticulitis, edema and bloating.

Many people have what may look like a fat or distended tummy which turns out to not be fat at all, but rather gas and inflammation.

Gut on fire can also cause fuzzy brain, poor memory, dizziness and forgetfulness.

It’s very important to keep your tummy happy! Live probiotics can balance the organisms naturally occurring in your gut. Don’t be deceived by commercial yogurts advertising that they contain live probiotics, while at the same time they are loaded with sugars that render them virtually useless to your system. Your body needs pure, live probiotics to repopulate your gut and relieve that gassy, burning sensation.

July is Digestion Awareness Month…and we have specials! During the month of July, we have several digestive products on sale for 20% off from Standard Process, a wonderful line of nutritional supplements available only through doctors.

Products on special include Multizyme (digestive enzyme), Betaine Hydrochloride (digestive enzyme), Lact-Enz (digestive enzyme, probiotic),ProSynbiotic (probiotic), Whole Food Fiber, Chlorophyll Complex (soothes an inflamed gut) and Cataplex A-C (helps heal the lining of the gut).

Ask me which product is best for you!

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