Save Green $ by Going Green

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

April 22 is coming up next week, marking the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Did you know that you can save money by going green? Here are a few suggestions that you might want to consider as you join us in celebrating Earth Month!


Carpool to work. The average American commutes 16 miles each day to work. And the average car gets 23 miles to the gallon. At the average price of $3.68 per gallon of gas, that’s about $26 a week or $1300 a year. Rideshare with a co-worker who lives nearby and you both save $650 a year!

Buy an affordable, fuel-efficient car. If carpooling doesn’t work for you, think about trading in your super-sized SUV for a smaller, more fuel-efficient car and save hundreds, even thousands a year. There are more options than ever today and hybrids galore.
Start a vegetable garden. Love fresh veggies? Have a nice sunny spot in your yard? Then plant a garden. You can choose the seeds and what you use for fertilizer, guaranteeing healthy produce. And you will certainly earn bragging rights at family dinners. And did I mention the savings? From $25 and up to hundreds a year, depending upon what and how much you grow.

Cash in your recyclables. I’m assuming you already recycle everything you can. Instead of paying your local sanitation company to take it all away, separate recyclable plastics and glass. Look online for a local recycling company that will give you cash for your recyclables and turn them in on a regular basis. Your cash yield will depend upon quantity.

Make your own natural cleaning and personal care products. According to several studies I spied online, depending upon your buying habits you can save up to $400 a year — and potentially your health — by making your own natural cleaning and personal care products. Do you know what’s in the stuff you wipe down your floors with or slather on your face at night? Reading labels can be very revealing. Simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and coconut oil can do wonders. Go online and look up natural cleaning products and natural personal care products and find a few reliable resources for basic ideas and go from there.

Cut back on eating out. Perhaps the most immediate way to save is by brown bagging. We’re not talking peanut butter and jelly. More like yummy, healthy homemade food. If you bring food you disdain with you to the office, chances are you won’t eat it. So weekly cooking/food planning is key. The cost of eating out is constantly going up. Just try to eat something healthy with a beverage for under $10. If you can’t handle brown bagging daily, start out with just two days a week. That found money will certainly be an encouragement!

Do a home energy audit. The average American household spends $1900 a year on energy bills and a lot of that energy is wasted. Homes that were built before Energy Star standards can benefit from simple improvements that will save you cash. Burbank Water and Power, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Glendale Water and Power all offer information, tools and programs on their websites that will help you cut your annual costs. One website that might be of use to you is an energy comparison site that could be able to help you save money by reducing your bills.

Happy Earth Month!

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