Could GMOs Be a Real Health Threat? Part 2

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Last week, we looked at what GMOs are, the most common GMO foods and foods that contain hidden GMOs. This week we will get some input from a couple of experts in the GMO research field and discuss the controversy over GMO labeling.

Jonathan Latham is a scientist with master’s degree in crop genetics and a Ph.D. in plant virology. Along with his wife, scientist Allison Wilson, Dr. Latham founded the Bioscience Resource Project, a nonprofit organization with a mission “to provide the highest quality scientific information and analysis to enable a healthy food system and a healthy world.”

In a recent interview published on the website, Dr. Latham stated that evidence shows that the process of genetic engineering is very imprecise and may produce harmful and potentially toxic results. He also has serious concerns that the U.S. regulatory system allows unsafe products to be brought to market. 1

Dr. Latham stated that he has heard of researchers getting their grant funding pulled and having to change fields due to their findings and objections to the progress of GMOs in our food supply.

The nonprofit Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT) was founded in 2003 by bestselling author and GMO expert Jeffrey Smith. The IRT website ( contains valuable information for the consumer including GMO education, resources including a non-GMO shopping guide and a call to action in your own home and community.

An interesting article and study on the IRT website indicates that the proliferation of GMO foods and the affect of chemical residue (gylphosate) from Round Up weed killer used in growing these GMO foods may be contributing to the now 18 million Americans with gluten sensitivity. 2 Wheat has been hybridized over the years but today is not GMO (GMO wheat seeds are in the works). According to the Non-GMO Project, GMOs are in over 80% of conventionally processed foods in North America. 3

Despite the protest of consumers across the state, in 2014 California lawmakers rejected the GMO Labeling Bill.

Just two years before, Monsanto – makers of Round Up and Round Up ready GMO seeds – spent $46 million to kill Proposition 37, a California ballot initiative that would have mandated GMO labeling.

What can you do to avoid GMO foods?

Keep current on what’s going on with GMOs by signing up for an e-newsletter from your choice of informational non-GMO websites. Cook whole foods at home whenever possible. And when you go shopping, look for foods that voluntarily label that they are non-GMO.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing non-GMO choices. The colorful Non-GMO Project label is front and center on all products they have certified as non-GMO.

1. Growing Doubt: A Scientist’s Experience with GMOs (January 17, 2016)
2. Are Genetically Modified Foods a Gut-Wrenching Combination
3. GMOs and Your Family

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