Allergies and Inflammation Begin in the Gut

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

With 70% of the immune system located in your digestive tract, the majority of illnesses begin in the gut with an autoimmune reaction that may progresses into systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation can be linked to countless illnesses and even food allergies, environmental allergies, airborne allergies and more. The healthier your digestive system is, the better equipped you are to fend off the continual assault of potential allergens we face daily in today’s complicated world.

At Thorburn Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we carry a whole food nutritional supplement line that features a 21-Day Body Cleanse Purification Program. This unique program supports the body’s natural toxin-metabolism processes and a healthy digestive system, and brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus. Not just a simple cleanse, this is rather a structured program that includes eating whole foods, taking quality supplements and nutritious supplement shakes, light exercise, and adequate water intake. I highly recommend it for people who have made a decision for better health in their lives and now want to take action toward self-healing. Post-cleanse, patients report increased energy and vitality, better digestion, less bloating, clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep, clearer thinking and more.

For the month of September, we are offering 20% off all of our allergy products, including natural antihistamines Allerplex and Antronex, as well as Congaplex, Immuplex and Thymex. And from now through October 1, the 21-Day Body Cleanse Purification Program is also 20% off. Let’s talk about natural alternatives to your specific allergy issues during your next appointment.

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