Irritable Bowel and Chiropractic?

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

If you missed the free seminar we offered at our office a few weeks ago on irritable bowel, you missed a lot! Here’s some of the information we shared.

Do you bloat after eating? Do you have constipation and/or diarrhea? Do you have a lot of gas? Are you uncomfortable in your bowels?

If so, you are one of millions of Americans who suffer from digestive issues. Many just ignore the problem but the remedy may be easier than you think.

Dr. Robert Maigne, a French physician and manipulative practitioner, wrote a book entitled Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain of Vertebral Origin. He refers to misalignments in the lower midback causing low back pain, hip pain, groin pain and pelvic complaints including irritable bowel syndrome or disorder, urinary symptoms and intestinal problems.

He studied irritable bowel syndrome and found that issues with the spine in the lower midback region can cause irritable bowel syndrome and other problems in the lower abdomen such as urinary problems. When treated medically the results were not successful.

When the nerves of the spine are pinched as a result of spinal dysfunction, the nerves go from working at 100% to working at 40% or less. As a result, the brain, which uses the nerves to communicate to all parts of the body, cannot communicate properly because the nerve is no longer doing its job of carrying messages. The brain, therefore, cannot control the body part supplied by that nerve and that body part cannot work correctly or coordinate with the rest of the body. A disease process can now occur.

One may not have back pain, so they don’t think their spine has anything to do with their organ (bowel, bladder and such) problem. What was always present was spinal dysfunction in the lower part of the midback.

Traditional medical treatment of bowel problems is usually medication and, if severe, part of the bowel is surgically removed. As a non-drug practitioner we look for solutions to heal the bowel so the problem is resolved, not covered up or cut up.

Through standard chiropractic care as well as our nutritional program, called Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), we can find what will heal your bowel so you have a healthy digestive system. When your digestive system works well, you feel and look better.

Ask about our NRT program for irritable bowel and start feeling good again!

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