Why Your Baby Needs to be Seen by a Chiropractor

Greetings from Dr. T:

You may read the above statement and ask, why would a baby need a chiropractor – they are too young to have back pain!

If you think of chiropractic as only a pain-relief profession, you will think that a baby going to a chiropractor is quite silly. However, if you understand what chiropractic is truly about, you will realize that your child has a spine and it is important to keep that spine healthy so that the nervous system within it is healthy, too.

Your nervous system controls all body parts and functions. In order for you to be healthy, your body must be able to regulate itself and communicate well with itself. The nervous system is the body’s communication system and it must be healthy in order for you to be healthy.

When a bone in the spine shifts a little out of place, pressure is placed upon a spinal nerve and the nerve’s ability to work is reduced by 60% or more! These shifts of the spine are not usually painful so we do not know that they are there and so do not treat them. If left untreated by a chiropractor, the body part connected to that nerve will not be able to work correctly and will become unhealthy.

A baby’s spine can become slightly misaligned during delivery — especially difficult labor or delivery –- or from being pulled on, from falls, etc. Why let a child suffer with a misalignment and the resulting ill health when it is very easy to get them checked and treated?

You cannot tell if your child has misalignments based on pain, symptoms or how they look. It must be checked by us. Babies are easy to treat. The treatment is very gentle and they love it!

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