Celebrate Earth Day Starting with You!

Greetings from Dr. T:

You can take steps towards making the world a healthier place by changing the part of the world you live in – starting with reducing chemicals in and around your body.

Here’s some easy ways to get started:

• What kind of deodorant do you use? If it contains aluminum, change to one that is natural and aluminum-free. Aluminum has been associated with a variety of health issues including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney problems. It entirely stops perspiration, which is a necessary body function.

• Take a look at your personal care products – skin care, hair care, make-up – and find out what is in them. Gradually replace those that contain toxic chemicals with natural, organic products.

• Switch your household cleaning products to Amway LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner) or another organic, nontoxic cleaner.

• Use low suds detergents for your clothes washer. Only wash full loads.

• California is in a serious drought. Use the timer on your cell phone and see how long it takes for your typical shower. Work towards cutting your shower time down to three minutes.

• Use natural, non-drug pain killers, nasal sprays, sleep aides, etc.

• Change your vitamins to nutrients that have no synthetic ingredients. At Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we have a full line of food based nutritional products, so ask us about them during your next visit.

Until next time…

Yours in health,

Dr. T

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