Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Greetings from Dr. T:

According to a recent survey by NBC’s Today Show, 46% of adults over 18 say they don’t get enough sleep. Experts offer advice like avoiding electronic devices hours before bedtime, watching caffeine intake, practicing relaxation techniques and going to bed and rising at the same times daily. What else can you do to loll yourself into restful sleep?

Do you wake up with neck pain, back pain or headaches? I have found that these all can be due to poor sleeping habits, a mattress that is past its prime, or a pillow that doesn’t fit your body.

If you sleep on your stomach at all, this can be a major strain on your neck. You need to be turned to one side to breathe properly. I recommend sleeping on your back or side. When sleeping on your back, use a neck pillow or neck roll for the best support.

When sleeping on your side, a long body pillow is a great help. The pillow is almost as long as one’s body and it allows you to put your arm or leg over it while sleeping, supporting your spine. You can also use the body pillow propped behind you so that you can rest against it.

To find a good mattress, go to a mattress store and test the various levels of quality and firmness. See which level of firmness you prefer. Get the most expensive mattress you can afford, as it’s an investment that will pay big dividends in your wellbeing. Pillow toppers aren’t the best as they tend to indent and are not usually covered under warranty. I personally use a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress, but buy it only if you love it.

Here’s to your well-supported and comfortable sleep!

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