Dr. T’s Health Tip – How Much Water Should We Drink?

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During the sizzling summer months, everywhere we look we see Californians toting water bottles – in the car, at the beach, in the store, at the gym – we’re all taking water.  Yet so many people suffer from health issues that begin with dehydration.

Not drinking enough water can cause the discomfort of constipation, urinary tract infections and lead to painful kidney and bladder stones.  Heat stroke, headaches, and stomach pain are all potential effects of a lack of fluids. Chronic dehydration can cause inflammation, which leads to serious illness including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and more.

Watch how many caffeinated beverages you consume daily, as caffeine acts as a diuretic and depletes the system of electrolytes. Alcoholic beverages – even harmless little wine coolers – drain the system of important electrolytes.  Essential electrolytes include sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate, all necessary for the normal function of our organs.  Powdered electrolyte drinks are available for purchase at our office, but be sure to avoid sugar and chemical laden drinks like Gatorade.

Drinking plenty of fresh, filtered water can assist the digestive process, help lubricate arthritic joints, lower blood pressure, and give your skin good tone.  Fatigue, toxins in the system, and depression can all be washed away with a refreshing glass of water.

The human body is made up of 50 – 75% water, depending upon your age.  So how much water should you drink each day?  Recommendations vary, but perhaps the best way to judge your ideal consumption is by checking the color of your urine.  If your urine is dark yellow or orange, you’re not drinking enough water.

With so many options of enticing yet unhealthful drinks available to us today – from syrup-loaded coffees to super-sized sodas – it’s a good idea to go “old school” and stick with nature’s favorite thirst quencher – pure, unadulterated water.

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