Depression can be helped without medication

Kathy (not her real name) came to me with complaints of tiredness, headaches, restless sleep, anxiety and depression. In the course of conversation she said that she couldn’t go on this way-she no longer found joy in anything she did, work was a burden and she did not spend much time doing the things she used to do.

She was interested in finding a solution other than medication. She knew that psychiatric medication was very dangerous and produced side effects and withdrawal that could be worse than what she was currently feeling.

She was evaluated in this office through NDT (Nutrition Deficiency Testing) and it was found that her adrenals were very fatigued. The adrenals are glands that regulate energy, blood pressure, pain, sleep and are vital to our sense of well being.

She started a course of complete food supplements (supplements that are made from food) that target the repair of the adrenals. Within two days she was smiling and had found new interest in life. She has since married, had a child and is doing well in life!

Depression can often be remedied through restoration of the body’s chemistry and its ability to heal itself. Help yourself or another by getting checked in this office.

Yours in Health,

Dr. T

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