Chiropractic Tip of the Day: Sinus Pain Relief by Thorburn Burbank Chiropractor

Sinus pressure can often be relieved through “sinus massage”.  When the tissues of the sinuses swell pressure is felt in the face and can become quiet painful.  If left untreated it can lead to a sinus infection.  The medical community is recommending antihistamines before jumping to antibiotics when the problem is pressure and not an infection.

In my clinic I have found that reducing mucous forming foods such as milk and all of it’s products: cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ranch dressing and so on and also doing sinus massage can reduce sinus pressure.  Natural nasal sprays can help too.

There are sinuses left and right in the forehead and in the cheek regions. They drain into the nose, so you stroke the sinuses toward the nose 5-6 times and then rub the right side of the neck a bit toward the back of the neck firmly 5-6 times which helps the sinuses drain. Doing this daily while the sinuses are swollen can help you find relief!

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