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A study done at the University of Illinois has found that adults who increase their intake of calcium and vitamin D usually increase bone mineral density and reduce the risk of hip fracture markedly.  Co-author of the study, Professor Karen Chapman-Novakofski said that prescription bone-building medicines should be a last resort.  Besides being expensive, the drugs also come with side effects such as hip fractures and jaw necrosis (death of cells in the jaw bone).

To explain the side effects of bone drugs, Professor Chapman-Novakofski says that a class of drug called “Bisphosphonates” operates by shutting down the cells that break down old bone.  When this happens, new bone is built on top of old bone.  The bone density may be higher, but the bone built is not as structurally sound.

The study says that stronger bone density is often accomplished through supplements of calcium and vitamin D, but that food is also a good source of these nutrients.  High calcium foods include spinach, kale, collards, white beans, sardines, salmon, and calcium-fortified foods like orange juice, oatmeal and cereal.  They recommend “…Following a diet that’s high in fruits and vegetables, has adequate calcium and protein, and is light on salt.”

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