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Dr. T’s Health Tip for Smokers and Those around Them

Greetings to you,

If you smoke cigarettes or live with a smoker, these tips can help you reduce the harmful health effects somewhat:

1. Take vitamin E for heart health. Smoking contributes to more cholesterol being deposited in artery walls. As a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E helps prevent this and also eliminates toxins. Healthy food sources of vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds, olives and oils made from these foods. Leafy green vegetables like spinach also contain the vitamin.

2. Smokers are often deficient in vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the immune system, strengthens blood vessels and helps preserve vitamin E in the body. Vitamin C strengthens gums and helps with receding gums, a common problem in smokers. Bioflavonoids, the natural pigments in citrus fruits, complement the potency of vitamin C. One good form of the vitamin is Cataplex C from Standard Process.

3. For women, smoking can speed up the loss of bone mass that occurs as a woman ages. If looking into sites such as Gourmet Eliquid isn’t a good enough reason for you to quit smoking, then I don’t know that is. Your health should be your top priority and giving up smoking will ensure you are looking after yourself in the best way possible. Whether male or female, support your bones by eating healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, organic eggs, cold-water fish and fish oils. Avoid foods that cause your bones to lose calcium such as soft drinks, sugar, cookies, table salt, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners. Supplement with highly absorbable forms of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. Take a whole food multivitamin supplement, such as Catalyn from Standard Process.

4. Eat a healthy diet of salads, cooked vegetables, fruits, whole grains, salmon and other fish, lean poultry, etc. Drink several glasses of water per day. Take regular walks. If you aren’t able to quit smoking now, perhaps you will be able to in the near future!

Until next time…

Yours in health,

Dr. T

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