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Glandular supplements can be a great boost to one’s health and energy. The theory of glandular therapy is “Like Cures Like”. Here at our office we have several different types of adrenal gland supplements designed to reduce your stress and support your overall health and energy.

Adrenal extracts are usually derived from the adrenal glands of bovine (beef) sources.  They contain nutrients and substances that stimulate the rejuvenation and regrowth of similar tissue in people. This is a healing technique that dates back to early primitive times. When adrenal gland supplements are used, the adrenals will begin to produce more of their own natural hormones. After taking the glandulars for a while, you may come to a point when your energy is restored and your other symptoms have improved.

Because each person is a unique individual, we do Nutrition Health Testing in our office to determine which type of stress supplement is perfect for you. May you have good success with reducing stress and increasing your health!

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