Put Out the Fire!

Put Out the Fire!

If you have aches and pains, then you have inflammation – the fire within (not the “good” fire within). What would it be like to virtually reboot your health – to give yourself a second chance at feeling and looking your best? What if you could go through a metabolic detoxification and find a new

What Vaccinations Do You Really Need?

Vaccination is one of the most controversial health issues of our time. Last year, the state of California passed Senate Bill 277 requiring all children who attend public or private schools in the state to be fully vaccinated. We are constantly reminded to get a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, a shingles vaccination, etc. A

New Year, New You!

Happy New Year to you and yours. The beginning of a New Year brings opportunity for change and personal growth. What a perfect time to start taking action on your quest for better health. And an ideal way to get your New Year off to a great start is with one of our exciting detox