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Greetings from Dr. T: Get your New Year off to a great start with one of our exciting new detox programs that will help you resolve health-robbing conditions! Detoxing isn’t the same as fasting.  During a detox, you replace unhealthy food and drink with nutritious ones that have a cleansing and healing effect on certain

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Greetings from Dr. T: According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the core is “a central and often foundational part.” When referring to the body’s core, we mean the muscle group that includes all of the muscles that are located in your torso that keep the body stable and balanced – some of the most important muscles

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Greetings from Dr. T: At Thorburn Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we’re celebrating Christmas by supporting the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program and the Farm Worker’s Education Christmas program. You can feel great by helping others this holiday season! The spirit of giving is the very essence of the season and there are always people in

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Greetings from Dr. T: According to a recent survey by NBC’s Today Show, 46% of adults over 18 say they don’t get enough sleep. Experts offer advice like avoiding electronic devices hours before bedtime, watching caffeine intake, practicing relaxation techniques and going to bed and rising at the same times daily. What else can you

Dr. T’s Health Tip: Avoiding Colds and Flu

Greetings from Dr. T: The cold and flu season is upon us, so here are some tips for staying healthy as we head into the holidays: 1. Wash your hands more often and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Germs and viruses gain access to our bodies through our eyes, nasal passages, mouth and

Health Tip – Almonds Can Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Greetings from Dr. T, A recent study has found that adding almonds to your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping blood vessels healthy.  Research found that almonds significantly increase the amount of antioxidants in the blood stream, reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. 1 These findings add weight to the

Link Between Low Vitamin D Levels, Dementia Confirmed

Greetings from Dr. T, Just when we thought we’d heard the latest news on the nutritional relevance of vitamin D, an interesting study was just published by University of Exeter in the U.K.  This robust international study associated vitamin D deficiency with a substantially increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in older people. An

Dr. T’s Health Tip – How Much Water Should We Drink?

Greetings from Dr. T, During the sizzling summer months, everywhere we look we see Californians toting water bottles – in the car, at the beach, in the store, at the gym – we’re all taking water.  Yet so many people suffer from health issues that begin with dehydration. Not drinking enough water can cause the

Depression can be helped without medication

Kathy (not her real name) came to me with complaints of tiredness, headaches, restless sleep, anxiety and depression. In the course of conversation she said that she couldn’t go on this way-she no longer found joy in anything she did, work was a burden and she did not spend much time doing the things she

Dr. Thorburn’s Health Tip – Holiday Parties

Greetings to you, It’s the time of year for having fun at holiday parties. I have put together a few healthy eating and drinking tips here for you. Enjoy the season! 1. Engage in some good physical activity: take nice brisk walks with your loved ones and enjoy their company in the holiday season. Walks

Dr. Thorburns Health Tip – How to Improve Your Energy

Hello from Dr. Thorburn, What steps can one take to get more energy? Sleep. To get a good night’s sleep you need a good bed and a good pillow. The room needs to be dark and of the correct temperature and air circulation for you to feel good. Go to bed when you are tired.